How to Sell Stock Images,
become a Contributor.

Stock images are a great way for any photographer or artist to earn income while still being able to have the freedom to use your time as you please. All it takes is an imagination and a little time to shoot and prepare some quality stock images. We at would like to invite you to become one of our valued contributors of stock images.

As a contributor of you can easily upload stock images and sell these images on the internet. A stock image may be any digital image or artwork in jpeg format. The image must be void of any trademarks, logos, brand names, or other proprietary marks which are protected by Intellectual Property.

As a contributor of, you will have access to an easy to use online interface which will allow you to upload and monitor your images. Once your images are uploaded and processed, all you have to do next is sit back and relax and let promote and sell your images for you.

       Become A Mangotree Contributor Now!

Alternately, you can also attend our free Contributor's Orientation workshop, where you will be shown how to use the system and other important details. Please contact, Michael Yap at 211-3491 to arrange for your free CONTRIBUTORS ORIENTATION. For more information send us an email at

Benefits of a Mangotree Contributor

  • Maximum Royalty Rate of 60%
    ( Highest Royalty percentage )
  • Automated Selling System
  • Unlimited Image Uploads
  • Worry-free management of your images
  • 24-hour availability of your images

FAQs as a Contributor

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.