Mini Studio will be opening a Mini Studio for the exclusive use of our registered contributors. In our effort to encourage the creation of stock images by our contributors, is providing it's contributors with the facilities that will allow our members to create top quality stock images utilizing the right equipment. We are making available a rentable Mini Studio along with various tools necessary in the creation of High Quality Stock Images.

The Mini Studio will be an air-conditioned room roughly 10 sqm in size and will include 3 studio lights, wireless trigger, tri-pod, softbox, barn doors, various colored gels and many more. The rental of the Mini Studio will be in 50-minute time slots with 5 min ingress and 5 min egress, respectively. The Mini Studio will be available on a full hour time slot basis (eg. 10am - 11am, 1pm - 2pm).

Rental rate is P350.00 per hour.

Reservations will take priority over walk-ins. If you feel you may need more than an hour to complete your work, we strongly suggest that you book the additional hours before another member reserves it.

For reservation, please call Kaye or Ann at (02)536-8990 or email

Mini Studio